Tree Removal Service Wallaceburg

With over 60 years of providing the Wallaceburg, Ontario area with the best in tree removal services, you can count on Custom Tree Service to provide the tree removal, tree pruning and tree maintenance you need on residential, commercial, or municipal properties. Our top-notch staff specialize in the removal of trees in difficult situations, as well as the removal of large and dangerous trees. We make safety and guarding against property damage our priorities, and have the expertise and equipment to get the job done safely.

When does a tree need to be removed?

There are many possible reasons to remove a tree. Sometimes a tree becomes dangerous due to infestation or age and becomes unstable and more likely to fall, posing a threat to your safety. Trees may threaten potential damage your structures and root systems may distort your foundations. Tree removal may also be necessary to make way for a new construction project.

What’s Unique about Custom Tree Service?

The characteristic that is most unique about Custom Tree Service is our determination to offer the highest degree of protection, security and flexibility to our tree removal customers. We are registered, accredited and insured at commercial levels to ensure that our clients are protected. With a wide range of tree removal and maintenance equipment including bucket trucks, an 8 ton Pittman crane, dump trucks, wood chippers and a well maintained fleet, we have the flexibility to provide timely and comprehensive solutions to our Wallaceburg, Ontario customers.

The primary objective for us is to give our customers the most complete and least disruptive tree removal services possible. We take pride in producing as little disturbance to adjacent vegetation as we can, and impressing our customers with a scrupulous debris clean up.

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