Tilbury, Ontario’s Trusted Tree Removal Services

Trust is built over time, and Custom Tree Service has over 60 years of building the trust of  Tilbury, Ontario homes and businesses. We are proud of the excellence in tree removal, tree pruning and tree maintenance that we offer to commercial, municipal and residential properties in Tilbury, Ontario. We ensure that our staff have the required expertise and equipment to do any job you need, while making safety and reducing risk of property damage our priorities. Our trained and experienced staff are equipped to handle the most difficult jobs in restricted spaces, near structures, or near power lines with the utmost caution and care.

When Tree Removal is the only option

Tree removal is only the option for dead, dying or diseased trees that cannot be saved by other methods such as tree pruning. A dead or decomposing tree becomes unsafe and is more likely to fall, becoming a hazard to people or property. Trees can also outgrow the space they were planted in, stressing the surrounding structures such as foundations or pavement, or blocking sunlight for nearby plant life.

Why should Custom Tree Service be my choice?

When you choose Custom Tree Service to provide tree removal services you benefit from our determination to offer the highest degree of protection, security and flexibility to our tree removal customers. We ensure that our clients are protected by keeping ourselves registered, accredited and insured at commercial levels. We have the flexibility to provide timely and comprehensive solutions to our Tilbury, Ontario customers with a wide range of tree removal and maintenance equipment including bucket trucks, an 8 ton Pittman crane, dump trucks, wood chippers and a well maintained fleet.

The key goal for us is to give our customers the most effective and least disrupting tree removal process that we can. We take pride in producing minimal disturbance to adjacent vegetation possible, and impressing our customers with a rigorous debris clean up.

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