Southern Ontario’s Essential Tree Removal Services

When Southern Ontario needs essential tree removal services why look any further than Custom Tree Service, with over 60 years of service? We have been proudly providing tree removal, tree pruning, and tree maintenance for residential, commercial and municipal properties with unwanted or dangerous trees. Even the most difficult jobs like trees growing in confined spaces near structures, near utility lines, and in other sensitive areas are well within the skills and experience of our trained staff. We get the job done, and effectively avoid the hazards of injury and damaged property.

When Tree Removal can’t be avoided

There are many circumstances where tree removal cannot be avoided. Storm damage is one of those. Timely removal of a dead or decomposing tree can prevent the hazard or liability of a falling tree. Tree removal can also eliminate pests attracted to diseased trees, and distortion to structures caused by trees outgrowing a safe space. Tree removal may also be necessary for a new construction development.

Why is Custom Tree Service the best option?

Security is the quality that makes Custom Tree Service the best choice in Southern Ontario for tree removal service. We are proud to provide the security to our customers that comes with our being fully licensed and insured at commercial levels. By ensuring that we meet or exceed all commercial health and safety standards, you get the security of knowing won’t find yourself stuck with unexpected WSIB costs that you assumed were paid by a budget tree service. You get the added security of our investment in a wide range of tree removal and maintenance equipment to provide timely completion of each job and multiple tree removal options.

We make it our goal to always provide effective tree removal, with the least possible disruption to your surroundings. We take pride in causing minimal impact to neighbouring vegetation, and performing a careful clean up of debris so that you can focus on your daily activities.

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