Chatham-Kent Tree Removal: Things to Remember

Five things you need to know about tree removal

While trees can be a beautiful aspect of our landscape and vital to the environment, for a variety of reasons tress sometimes need to be cut down.  There are a few basic things to know about Chatham-Kent tree removal and how you should go about it if necessary.

1) Respect municipal bylaws

Before you bust out of your shed, chainsaws blazing, make sure you are in compliance with any Municipality of Chatham-Kent tree removal bylaws.  According to the Chatham-Kent website, the responsibility for caring for trees breaks down as follows:

  • If the tree is on a roadway, it is maintained by Public Works.  If you notice a tree that has grown too big and prevents good driving visibility or is damaged or diseased, contact Public Works.
  • Trees along hydro lines are treated by hydro providers.
  • If you are considering removing a tree on your private property, there is no bylaw relating to those trees and it is your responsibility to maintain them.

2) Be cautious if the tree is close to your home

Long before the removal of the tree, inspect the location of the tree to see if you are at risk of property damage if the tree has a wayward fall.  If you are ever in doubt about whether your home will go down with the tree, do not hesitate to get a professional Chatham-Kent tree removal inspection.  This is a preventative measure that is well worth the money.

3) Don’t get stumped by the stump!

Stumps can be very tricky to move, especially if the roots go deep.  They could be tangled up with buried cables, sewer lines or gas lines and blindly ripping them out could do much more harm than good.  Always exercise caution in this case and seek professional advice.

4) Be a good neighbour

While the trunk of the tree may be on your property, some of the branches could overhang on the neighbour’s property.  Consult with your neighbour before removing a tree that over hangs into his or her property.

5) Hire a professional Chatham-Kent tree removal company

In case you haven’t caught on yet, tree removal can be dangerous!  You could damage your house, cause severe bodily injury to yourself or others, or mess with important underground wires and pipes.

Instead, contact Todd’s Custom Tree Removal Services.  We’ll take care of all of the details and ensure a safe, efficient tree removal.