Blenheim Ontario Tree Removal

Damage and Blenheim Ontario Tree Removal Services

How to prevent tree damage to your property

Does severe weather have you looking at your trees in fear?  Trees can cause incredible damage to property, so it’s an understandable concern.  But before you chip your majestic tree into mulch, consider using our Blenheim Ontario tree removal services to help you develop a plan to pre-empt any potential damage.

Schedule regular upkeep with a Blenheim Ontario tree removal service

Have a professional tree-care service inspect your tree around every five years.  They will note if you have any branches that are weak or hanging within 10 ft. of your (or someone else’s) property.  They can also advise you on preventative measures on tree damage in high winds.  In comparison with a huge home renovation, the cost of an inspection and early damage control will seem like peanuts.

Know the signs of poor tree health

Sometimes the tree may not be overgrown per se, but it’s at risk of falling due to death or disease.  If that is the case, you’ll need to contact a Blenheim Ontario tree removal service right away to assess the situation.  Here are a few signs that the tree is in poor health and could be at risk for falling:

  • The tree is dead.
  • The tree has dead branches.  Dead branches will inevitably fall.
  • The tree has holes or rot at the base, which is a sign of a weak base.  If the base is weak, the tree can’t hold itself up.
  • You see mushrooms, cracks, and splits at the base of the trunk.  These are indicators that the tree is dying or is already dead.

These are a few of the signs that a tree is not faring well.  If you have any concerns about the health of your tree, contact a professional.

When all else fails, remove the tree properly

If a tree is diseased or dangerously overgrown considering how close to the home it is, it’s time to bid the tree a fond farewell.  If the tree is dead, it’s only a matter of “when” it will fall, not “if.”  Take action now.

Having a Blenheim Ontario tree removal service cut down your tree may be costly, but it’s also the only way to ensure that the tree is cut down safely.  Cutting a tree down to prevent property damage only to have the tree damage your property in the process is an ironic, costly, and unnecessary situation.  Avoid it by contacting Todd’s Custom Tree Removal Services.  We’ll take care of all of the details and ensure a safe, efficient tree removal.