Tree Removal Port Lambton

Sixty years of tree removal services for Port Lambton, Ontario and surrounding areas, is an exceptional track record we’re proud to claim. When Custom Tree Service provides tree removal, tree pruning and tree maintenance, we always employ the highest degree of safety and professionalism. Our experienced staff is trained to remove unwanted and dangerous trees from your residential or commercial property, or municipal grounds with care and caution.

Causes for Tree Removal

If a tree becomes a hazard to people or property, it will need to be removed. Various causes include:

  • Decayed or infested trunks
  • Storm damage
  • Trees with cracks or splits
  • Trees outgrowing a safe area
  • Damage to surrounding structures – foundations, pavement

It may also be necessary to remove trees to prepare for new construction or eliminate competition with other plants.

Why is Custom Tree Service the choice for me?

In choosing a tree removal service you may be tempted to select by the lowest cost. That could lead to additional costs and aggravation. At Custom Tree Service we refuse to cut corners with regard to safety and certifications or take unnecessary risk for our Port Lambton, Ontario customers and ourselves. We meet and often exceed all commercial health and safety standards and are fully licensed and insured at commercial levels. We complete that commitment to our clients with investment in a wide range of tree removal equipment to ensure timely completion of each removal, and provide flexibility in tree service options.

We know you’ll be impressed by our effective tree removal, by minimal disruption to surrounding vegetation and to your daily activities, and by the thorough clean up of debris when the job is done.

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