Tree Removal Service Rondeau

Custom Tree Service has been trusted to provide Rondeau, Ontario with excellence in tree removal services for over 60 years. Our experienced staff are trained and equipped to provide tree removal, tree pruning, and tree maintenance with highest degree of safety and caution. Commercial, municipal and residential properties with trees growing near power lines, or in confined spaces near buildings, or in other sensitive areas will be cleared of these tree problems while protected against property damage.

Reasons that Tree Removal is unavoidable

There are times when a tree can be saved by expert pruning, and other times when tree removal is unavoidable. A tree that is dead, dying or diseased is more likely to fall and may become a threat to people or property. A dying or diseased tree also attracts unwanted pests. When trees outgrow the space they were planted in, they can gradually deform surrounding structures, and sometimes trees must make way for new construction,

Why is Custom Tree Service the best choice?

Custom Tree Service is the best choice for Rondeau, Ontario clients because we refuse to cut corners with regard to safety and certifications…which you might find if your choice is based on rock bottom price. We offer security to our customers by being fully licensed and insured at commercial levels. We also make sure that we meet or exceed all commercial health and safety standards for tree removal service. You won’t find yourself stuck with unexpected WSIB costs that you assumed were paid by rock bottom tree service. In addition, when you choose Custom Tree Service you’ve chosen a company who has invested in a wide range of tree removal equipment to ensure timely completion of each job, and enough flexibility to offer multiple tree removal options.

We’ll make sure you’re happy with your choice when you get effective tree removal, without damaging your surroundings. We pride ourselves in producing as little disturbance to surrounding vegetation and your daily activities as possible, while finishing up with a very complete debris clean-up.

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