Tree Removal Ridgetown

Serving the Ridgetown, Ontario area for over 60 years, Custom Tree Service takes care of all your tree removal, tree pruning and tree maintenance needs. We can deal with all jobs, large or small, on municipal, commercial and residential grounds. Our trained and experienced staff can quickly solve your tree problems by removing unwanted and dangerous trees safely, professionally, even in difficult circumstances.

Reasons for Tree Removal

Expert pruning cannot always save a tree that is diseased or damaged. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a tree when it has become weakened by age or infestation and is more likely to fall, posing a threat to people or property. Trees can also become threatening to your structures, and the root systems may distort your foundations or pavement. New construction, storm damage, and competition with other plants are other common reasons for tree removal.

What Sets Custom Tree Service Apart?

At Custom Tree Service we set ourselves apart by being completely unwilling to cut corners with safety and certifications. We refuse to take unnecessary risk for our customers and ourselves. That’s why we’re accredited and registered to meet or exceed all commercial health and safety standards. We hold the proper coverage to provide the tree removal service that you’re looking for, protecting you from unexpected WSIB costs when we leave your property. We’re also proud to offer flexible and complete solutions when you need them, through our investment in wide range of tree removal and maintenance equipment.

Our approach to the tree removal service itself also sets us apart. We strive to supply all of our Ridgetown, Ontario customers with the most complete and least disruptive service possible. We produce as little disturbance to surroundings as we can and clean up debris so well, you can’t help but be impressed.

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