Port Lambton Tree Inspection Services

Why should you have your tree inspected?

Why should you get your trees inspected?  Many reasons!  An inspection from our Port Lambton tree inspection services will tell you whether your trees are healthy and safe.  Dead branches, leaning trees, tree rot, insects, and fungus can tell a lot about the tree and point towards the best steps towards better tree health.  A professional inspection can give you a plan of action to keep your trees looking their best!  For more reasons why you should make an investment in tree inspection, look at these four points.

Tree inspections keep your trees healthy and safe

When you or a loved one is sick, you’d want to know immediately so you can halt things and begin the healing process right away.  The same applies to trees!  And just like humans benefit from a doctor’s inspection, our Port Lambton tree inspection services can help diagnose and treat any problems.  Sometimes there are better solutions than removing the tree!

Our Port Lambton tree inspection services identify problems early

An expert tree inspection not only identifies current problems, but it can educate you on problems that might arise.  And if you’re considering adding a tree to your yard, we can give you advice about what trees to plant given the conditions of your yard.

Tree inspections provide the best care for elderly trees

Old trees are not necessarily strong.  In fact, age takes its toll on trees, just as it does any other living thing.  Our Port Lambton tree inspection services understand the ailments that can happen to elderly trees and tell you how to treat them or prevent them.

Tree inspections can help identify what trees you have on your property

If you’ve recently bought a home with trees on the lot, you have no idea what sort of trees they are or what their habits are.  For example, that big beautiful tree could drop leaves all year round.  Or be infested with bugs.  By knowing what kind of tree you have, you can understand its behaviour and adjust your maintenance plan accordingly.

When it comes to trees, knowledge is power.  The best way to know your tree is to have a professional inspect your tree and let you know what kind of behaviour your tree has, any problems it currently has, or issues that may arise.  To get started on your inspection, contact Todd’s Custom Tree Removal Services today!