Rondeau Ontario Tree Pruning Services

Why prune trees?

You know how snakes and humans shed their skin?  Well, trees shed their branches.  It comes from having to compete for light back in the days when they lived in forests.  Now that trees are found in urban environments (or just near your home), this shedding instinct can pose a threat to you or your property.  Which is why you need our Rondeau Ontario tree pruning services to pre-emptively cut down that large tree branch before it comes down on your home.  Trees are primarily pruned for three reasons: tree health, safety, and aesthetics.

Pruning for tree health

Improperly pruning a tree can damage the tree or hasten its demise if it’s diseased.  This is why the first step you can take in pruning for tree health is trusting the job to our Rondeau Ontario tree pruning services.

When a tree is pruned for health, any disease or insect-infested wood is removed.  The crown of the tree can also be removed to increase airflow and reduce branches rubbing together.  Pruning also encourages a strong tree structure and can reduce the chances of damage during severe weather.  In addition, if you cut off broken or damaged limbs, it encourages wound closure, which prevents any diseases getting into the wound.

How our Rondeau Ontario tree pruning services prune for safety

When you prune a tree for safety, you are preventing you or your property from getting crushed by a tree branch or the entire tree.  Pruning for safety includes removing branches that run the risk of falling, as well as branches that interfere with vision on streets or driveways.  If you notice your tree growing into the utility lines around your home, according to municipal bylaw, it is the responsibility of hydro companies to prune the trees.

Pruning can be pleasing to the eye

If you’re not into the wild and overgrown look, then a simple pruning job can neaten up your tree branches quite nicely.  When our Rondeau Ontario tree pruning services prune your tree, we aim to enhance the natural form of the tree while striking a visually appealing balance with the rest of your property.

Investing in professional pruning services pays off in the health, safety, and aesthetics of the trees on your property.  Instead of running the risk of an accident or worsening the health of your tree, leave it to the experts.  Contact Todd’s Custom Tree Removal Services to book your appointment.