Ridgetown Ontario Stump Removal Services

Common stump removal questions

When you cut down a tree, what happens to the leftover stump?  Excellent question!  Improper stump removal affects not just your landscape, but potentially underground cables or pipes as well.  For the most effective Ridgetown Ontario stump removal, it’s best to go with a professional tree service.  Here are some common questions when it comes to removing stumps.

How deep do you grind the stump and do you remove the root system?

If you want to plant grass over the area where the tree was, then the stump needs to be ground at least 6” into the ground, after which the hole is filled with dirt and grass seed is planted.  Keep in mind that grinding a stump leaves behind a lot of wood chips, which affects the acidity of the soil, so applying lime to the soil may help the growing process.

It’s important to know your Ridgetown Ontario stump removal company is going to remove the roots.  If they are, you’ll need a diagram pointing out any important wires or pipes that could be running under the tree.

Do you remove the wood and stump chips?

Most estimates do not include this, and there could be an extra charge for doing so, as it can be a time consuming process.  Stump chips usually take a few years to decompose on their own.  Ask your Ridgetown Ontario stump removal service for more information.

Does your Ridgetown Ontario stump removal service fill the hole?

This varies from company to company.  If the company does offer it, it will usually be at an additional charge.  Since the wood chips from the soil tend to be acidic and deplete the soil of nitrogen, which will need to be taken into account when it comes to filling the hole left by the stump and planting over it.

Acidic soil does not provide optimum growing conditions, so without treating the soil, your lawn will be sparse in that area.  In addition, the type of tree that was growing there will also have an effect.  For example, pine trees and pine needles produce more acid, so the pH of the soil will be lower.  Your best bet would be to test the soil for acidity and add lime as appropriate.

When it comes to stump removal, we have the answers!  Contact Todd’s Custom Tree Removal Services if you have any questions about tree or stump removal.