Expert Tree Removal Dresden

After serving the Dresden, Ontario area for over 60 years, Custom Tree Service is proud to call itself expert in tree removal services. We provide tree removal, tree pruning and tree maintenance on properties that range from residential, to commercial, to municipal, and always make safety and reducing risk of property damage our priorities. Our crews are capable of handling complex situations like overhead wires, and confined space with the utmost care.

When is tree removal the right choice?

There are times when tree removal is unavoidable. A tree that is dead, dying or diseased is more likely to fall and may become a hazard or liability. Not every tree can be saved by expert pruning. In addition, trees can lift your pavement or distort your fence. They may also be removed when they interfere with new construction, or offer too much competition for surrounding plants.

What’s Special about Custom Tree Service?

There’s a special quality about the way Custom Tree Service does business when we refuse to cut corners with regard to safety and certifications. We are NOT willing to put ourselves and our customers at risk. We are registered, accredited, and hold appropriate coverage to provide the tree removal service you need and won’t leave you stuck with unexpected WSIB costs when we leave your site. In addition, we have invested in flexibility and timely, complete solutions for our customers in the form of a wide range of tree removal and maintenance equipment.

To provide the most complete and least disruptive tree removal services for all our Dresden, Ontario customers is our primary goal. We pride ourselves in producing as little disturbance to surrounding vegetation as possible, and in astonishing our customers with a meticulous debris clean up.

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