Tree Removal Blenheim

Proudly serving Blenheim, Ontario and surrounding areas for more than 60 years, Custom Tree Service has been providing excellence in tree removal services, including tree pruning and tree maintenance. Our experienced staff is equipped to manage even the most difficult jobs on commercial, municipal and residential properties. We can take care of trees growing in cramped spaces near homes, trees that are tangled in utility lines, or trees that have somehow managed to grow in the most peculiar places. Our staff have the extensive training and experience that ensures that the job will get done successfully with reduced risk of injury or damage to your property.

Why remove a tree?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a tree for various reasons. Trees can become dangerous because of their age or because of infestation, and cannot be saved by pruning. If they become structurally unsound they may be more likely to fall and become a hazard or liability. A new construction project may also be the cause of tree removal.

Why Opt for Custom Tree Service?

When you choose Custom Tree Service you get the professionals who are serious about tree removal. We make sure that we meet all commercial health and safety standards, and exceed  them where we can. We also keep our licensing and insurance – at commercial levels – to provide added security for all of our residential patrons. Our wide range of tree removal equipment can ensure flexible and timely tree removal options for your convenience.

Our goal is to give all our Blenheim, Ontario customers what we know you want: effective tree removal service, minimal disturbance to property and daily activities, and a meticulous clean-up. That’s what we make sure you get!

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