Tree trimming Erieau

We provide expert tree trimming advice and services in Erieau, Ontario. We are experienced and knowledgeable in the art of tree trimming, with over sixty years in the business. We pride ourselves in offering a well rounded tree removal service, helping you maintain a natural landscape on your Erieau property.

Tree trimming safety comes first

Our number one priority is always safety when performing tree trimming services, for both our staff and your premises. Our experienced arborists are trained to handle hazardous trees and challenging tree trimming tasks. A hazard assessment of the work area is always performed before any tree trimming begins, ensuring tree limbs are strong and stable before climbing. Our arborists always wear protective equipment, exceeding health and safety standards.

Skilled tree trimming experts

We know that proper tree trimming requires an understanding of the type of tree, as well as age, location and condition, this allows us to understand how each tree responds to each cut. We offer expert recommendations on how to best trim your trees to help lengthen a tree’s life and reduce risks during high winds. Our tree trimming service is always done with complete respect for the environment and your landscape.

Call today to book your tree trimming

If you require tree trimming services and are in the Erieau area, contact us to book a consultation. We are happy to visit your location and provide you with an accurate tree trimming quote.

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