Tree trimming Chatham-Kent

We offer residents in Chatham-Kent expert tree trimming services, enhancing a trees natural architecture while keeping it safe and healthy. We have more than sixty years of tree trimming experience in the Chatham-Kent area and we pride ourselves in helping you maintain the natural landscape of your property.

The importance of safe tree trimming

We exercise extreme care and caution when trimming trees and our experienced arborists are trained to deal with smaller tree trimming as well as larger hazardous trees. We ensure the safety of your premises at all times. Before beginning the trimming process, we perform a hazard assessment and inspect tree limbs for strength and stability before our arborists begin climbing. We always exceed all commercial health and safety standards.

Expert tree trimming services

Proper tree trimming requires an understanding of how the type of tree responds to each cut. When done correctly, tree trimming will lengthen a tree’s life and reduce risks during a storm. We can provide you with recommendations on how best to trim your trees, depending on the species, location, age, and condition. We follow industry accepted tree trimming standards, ensuring cuts are made to promote healing and proper tree structure.

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If you are in the Chatham-Kent area and require our tree trimming service, contact us today for an inspection. We can visit your property to provide you with an accurate quote for your tree trimming services.

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