Tree Service Wallaceburg

Chatham Tree Service has been providing the Wallaceburg area with advanced tree services for over 60 years. We provide a large selection of tree services, from tree removal and tree pruning, to promoting tree health with general tree maintenance.

No matter the difficulty of the job, our expert arborists are fully equipped to provide a wide range of tree services. If your trees are in close proximity to power lines, located in cramped spaces, or are in a sensitive area, our training and skills allow us to complete our tree services in Wallaceburg promptly and professionally.

Safe and secure tree removal

Along with our wide range of healthy tree services, we also offer tree removal, taking care of the dead or decomposing trees at your Wallaceburg location. Tree removal becomes a necessary tree service, as dying or diseased trees are likely to fall, causing a hazard or becoming a liability for your Wallaceburg property, and they can also attract pests. Tree removal can also be required when your trees distort your Wallaceburg fence, lift your pavement, or are in the way of your new construction.

What Makes Custom Tree Service Superior?

Not only do we provide advanced tree services, Custom Tree Service provides Wallaceburg home and business owners with peace of mind as we meet and exceed all commercial health and safety standards. Our Wallaceburg tree service clients can also be assured we are licensed and insured at commercial levels.

Providing efficient and professional tree services in Wallaceburg, we respect your property, treating it as if it were our own, minimizing the impact of our tree services while completing full clean ups.

Our friendly staff is ready to answer your questions about our Wallaceburg Tree Services 519.359.9876