Tree Service Wallaceburg

For more than 60 years, Custom Tree Service has been an industry leader for professional tree services in the Wallaceburg area. Our advanced tree pruning, general tree maintenance, and tree removal services are ideal for residential, commercial, and municipal locations.

We have the training and experienced required to remain adaptable, providing well rounded tree services to the Wallaceburg area. Our experienced arborists are fully equipped and trained to handle even the most difficult tree service jobs, able to handle difficult to reach trees, including trees near homes and power lines.

A Tree Removal Option

We remain tree service experts, diagnosing common tree issues and helping you decide when tree removal remains the best tree service option in Wallaceburg. A tree that is dead, dying, or diseased is an attractive source for pests, and the branches pose a fall hazard, threatening the safety of your Wallaceburg home or business. Trees and tree roots can also damage your Wallaceburg fence, and lift pavement, and are able to impede new construction or renovations.

What Makes Custom Tree Service Superior?

Serving the Wallaceburg area, Custom Tree Service is staffed only by tree service professionals, ensuring that all commercial health and safety standards are exceeded. Our Wallaceburg tree service clients enjoy peace of mind, as we are licensed and insured at commercial levels.

We provide premium tree services to our Wallaceburg clients, ensuring the impact to your premises and daily activities is kept to a minimum, while completing a full clean up after each job.

Get in touch with our friendly staff today and discover our Wallaceburg tree services 519.359.9876.