Tree Service Chatham-Kent

Custom Tree Service has more than 60 years experience providing advanced tree service to the Chatham-Kent area. Our focus remains in providing tree service with excellence, offering everything from tree pruning to general maintenance, for both residential and commercial properties in Chatham-Kent.

We ensure our experienced arborists are fully equipped and ready to handle even the most difficult jobs in Chatham-Kent, providing tree services in cramped spaces, including near homes or power lines. Our training and experience gives our team the knowledge in providing well rounded tree services in Chatham-Kent.

When Tree Removal Is Needed

While our tree service emphasis is usually on maintaining tree health, we recognize that there are many situations in which tree removal needs to be safely completed on your Chatham-Kent property. Dying or diseased trees can be a liability, threatening a fall or attracting pests that can harm your Chatham-Kent premises. Tree roots can also impact the surrounding area, distorting your Chatham-Kent fence, lifting pavement, or acting as a barrier during new construction.

How Is Custom Tree Service Superior?

At Custom Tree Service, we employ only professionals, giving the Chatham-Kent area premium tree services. We ensure our team is protected, exceeding commercial health and safety standards while giving our Chatham-Kent tree service clients added security as our team is also full licensed and insured at commercial levels.

We pride ourselves in providing the most effective tree services in Chatham-Kent, ensuring there is minimal impact to your premises without limiting your daily activities, completing a full clean up after each tree service.

Phone us today and ask our staff about our Chatham-Kent tree services 519.359.9876