Tree Service Chatham-Kent

Custom Tree Service has been providing advanced tree services to the Chatham-Kent area for more than 60 years. Our premium tree services include professional tree removal services, along with general tree pruning and maintenance for commercial and residential locations throughout Chatham-Kent.

Our advanced arborists are ready to handle even the most difficult tree service jobs, including maintaining trees growing in cramped spaces near homes or power lines. Our extensive training and experience allows us to remain adaptable and able to provide well rounded tree services in Chatham-Kent.

When Tree Removal Becomes Necessary

Our tree services remain focused on maintaining tree health, although there are many circumstances in which your tree in Chatham-Kent requires a tree removal. Our tree services are required when a dead, dying, or diseased tree becomes a hazard or liability, threatening a fall and attracting pests to your Chatham-Kent location. Trees also have the ability to distort your Chatham-Kent fence and lift pavement, or they may be getting in the way of new construction or gardens.

Why Choose Custom Tree Service?

Custom Tree Service takes care of the Chatham-Kent area, employing only professionals who not only meet, but exceed all commercial health and safety standards. Our Chatham-Kent tree service customers enjoy added security, as we are licensed and insured at commercial levels.

We strive to offer the absolute best tree services in the Chatham-Kent area, keeping our impact on your premises and daily activities to a minimum and completing thorough clean ups.

Phone our friendly staff and learn more about our Chatham-Kent tree services today 519.359.9876.