Tree Removal Service Thamesville

It has been more than 60 years since Custom Tree Service began providing the Thamesville, Ontario area with essential tree removal services for commercial, municipal and residential properties. We’re proud of ourselves and proud of our staff who have the considerable experience and training required to remove trees growing in confined spaces near homes, utility lines, and other sensitive areas, while successfully reducing risk of property damage and injury.

When Tree Removal is a must

It may be necessary to remove a tree when it becomes dangerous because of age or infestation, and cannot be saved by expert pruning. When a tree is structurally unstable due to rot or disease, it’s more prone to falling and becoming a hazard or liability. It may also have to be removed due to storm damage or a new construction project.

What makes Custom Tree Service the best choice?

The feature that makes Custom Tree Service the best choice for Thamesville, Ontario clients is the security we provide to our customers by being fully licensed and insured at commercial levels. When we ensure that we meet or exceed all commercial health and safety standards for tree removal service you won’t find yourself stuck with unexpected WSIB costs that you assumed were paid by a budget tree service. You get the added benefit of our ability to provide timely completion of each job, and the flexibility of multiple tree removal options through our investment in a wide range of tree removal and maintenance equipment.

Our objective is to provide the most complete and least disruptive tree removal services for all our Thamesville, Ontario customers. We take pride in producing as little disturbance to surroundings as possible, and in amazing our customers with a scrupulous clean up of debris.

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