Tree removal Ridgetown

Offering affordable and efficient tree removal services in Ridgetown, we give our customers a solid, well rounded tree removal service. We have over sixty years of tree removal and tree maintenance experience. We strive to ensure the safety of you and your property with a well planned and executed tree removal.

We put tree removal safety first

We ensure our arborists are experienced in dealing with hazardous trees, ensuring extreme caution is exercised. We want to keep our staff and your property safe at all times during the tree removal process. We always perform a hazard assessment of the work area and trees to be removed and inspect all tree limbs for strength and stability before we begin climbing. We ensure to exceed all commercial and health and safety standards when removing or caring for a tree on your Ridgetown Property.

Complete and careful tree removal

We don’t take short cuts when it comes to tree removal. As a fully licensed and insured service, we make safety the most important detail. Not only do we remove trees in a safe and professional manner, we also make sure your tree removal moves along quickly to allow you to get back to enjoying your space. We know the importance of not only safely removing the tree, but cleaning up the left over debris.

Let us perform your tree inspection today

If you’re local to Ridgetown and have a tree that needs to be removed, call us to book a full inspection prior to removal. We will come to your location to provide you with an accurate quote and timeline for your tree removal.

Book your inspection by calling 519.359.9876