Tree removal Erieau

With over sixty years of tree removal experience, we provide our customers in Erieau with an affordable and efficient tree removal process. We pride ourselves in offering well rounded tree maintenance services, including tree removal and pruning. We offer you the ability to reshape your landscape.

Efficient and safe tree removal

Our experienced staff are trained to deal with the removal of hazardous trees. We use extreme care and caution during all tree removals ensuring that our arborists and your property are protected at all times. During our hazard assessment, before the tree removal takes place, we take all necessary steps to ensure safety, including inspecting tree limbs for strength and stability before climbing.

It doesn’t end with the tree removal

As a fully licensed and insured tree removal service, we understand how important it is to avoid taking short cuts when performing your tree removal. It’s important to ensure the tree removal is done as safely as possibly, but it doesn’t end there. We make sure the leftover debris is cleared following every tree removal, leaving your grounds clean and tidy for you to begin enjoying them again immediately.

We can inspect and quote your tree removal

In order to perform a tree removal, we need to complete a full inspection. We will visit your location in Erieau to perform the inspection and give you a full quote for your tree removal.

Booking your inspection starts by calling 519.359.9876