Tree pruning Merlin

We are the first stop for experienced tree pruning services in the Merlin area. With over sixty years in the tree pruning business, we take pride in offering a knowledgeable and sustainable tree pruning service. We know how to balance your goals with managing plant health and safety to keep your property looking beautiful.

Safe tree pruning is important

Let our experienced and kknowledgeable arborists help you create and maintain a pruning schedule for your landscape. Annual pruning is an essential component to control growth and improve tree health. Tree pruning can help increase the beauty and value of your landscape and help maintain both mature and young trees, giving them a strong frame work for growth in the future.

Detailed and planned tree pruning services

We are known for our complete and thorough tree pruning services and we never take short cuts. We think of safety first, for your property and our workers, and always prune your trees in a timely and professional manner. Once we have completed your tree pruning, rest assured that we will always clear your property of any debris. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

A thorough and detailed tree evaluation

We can help with the creation of a healthy tree pruning schedule. We can visit your home in Merlin to give you an accurate and detailed quote for our tree pruning services.

Contact us to set up your tree evaluation at 519.359.9876