Tree pruning Erieau

We offer Erieau residents a tree pruning service with a difference. Our sixty years of tree pruning experience means we have the knowledge and ability to properly manage your landscaping goals while maintaining adequate tree health. We know how to evaluate each tree to determine the ideal tree pruning schedule, whether young or old.

Control growth with tree pruning

We know that pruning is an essential component in tree health and growth. Our experienced arborists can help you create a tree pruning schedule by balancing the needs of your trees and the needs of your landscape. We prune young and mature trees alike, helping create a strong framework for future growth. Let us help you increase the value and beauty of your landscape with tree and shrub pruning.

A complete approach to tree pruning

Customer satisfaction and safety are our main priorities. When it comes to tree pruning, we avoid taking short cuts that could damage your trees or property. We make sure our arborists are fully licensed and insured and are well trained in creating a tree pruning schedule. Rest assured that our job is not complete once we’ve pruned your trees, we always leave your grounds clean and tidy and remove all debris.

Let us inspect your trees today

Give us a call to discuss your tree pruning needs and get on our pruning list in Erieau. We use the most effective and up to date tools and are knowledgeable about pruning all shrubs, ground covers and trees.

Call us today to book your inspection at 519.359.9876