Tree pruning Chatham

We provide affordable and sustainable tree pruning services in the Chatham area. We offer more than sixty years of tree pruning experience and knowledge, and we pride ourselves in offering a well rounded tree care service. We know how to accurately evaluate the condition and health of your trees to ensure the correct tree pruning technique is used.

Keep your trees healthy with tree pruning

The most important part of the health of your landscape is a regular tree pruning schedule. Our knowledgable and experienced arborists are able to work closely with you to determine your landscape needs and the level of pruning your trees need. A regular pruning schedule helps you control growth while improving tree health, allowing you to add beauty and life to your landscape.

Comprehensive tree pruning

Our experienced arborists are all fully licensed and insured and well trained in the creation and implementation of a well planned tree pruning schedule. In addition to tree health, we take safety very seriously, for both you and our workers and we always engage in safe tree pruning practices. We also understand the importance of clearing any left over debris once we’ve completed our pruning services.

We provide a detailed pruning assessment

Contact us today to establish your tree pruning needs and get on our pruning list in Chatham. Our effective and state-of-the-art tools and our in depth tree pruning knowledge covers all shrubs, ground covers, large trees and even ornamental trees.

We are available for a tree inspection, call us at 519.359.9876