Thamesville Ontario Tree Inspection

What is involved in a tree inspection?

Once you’ve decided that the benefits of a tree inspection are definitely worth it, you’ll probably wonder what a tree inspection entails.  Here is a breakdown of what your Thamesville Ontario tree inspection services are looking for, who should consider tree inspections and when.

What goes on during a tree inspection?

Your Thamesville Ontario tree inspection services are looking at the health and safety of your trees.   Some hazardous conditions they will be looking for include:

  • Dead or cracked branches.
  • Leaning trees
  • Root rot or trunk decay
  • Insect infestation
  • Fungus

If any of these conditions are present, we will make suggestions for correction that include trimming dead branches, supporting the leaning tree, insect sprays, or complete tree removal.

However, our inspection also goes far beyond the trees, but also looks at the environment they live in.  We will inspect your property with these questions in mind:

  • Crowding:  If the trees are too close together, they won’t grow properly.
  • Future dangers:  Sure the tree is small now, but when it grows, will it pose a risk of falling on your home?
  • If you have construction done to your home or property, how will it impact your trees?
  • What trees would thrive best on your property?

And of course, we will also consider any other questions you may have, so think carefully before your appointment with your Thamesville Ontario tree inspection services.

Who benefits from our Thamesville Ontario tree inspection services?

Well, everyone benefits from a tree inspection, but at certain times in life, you should give particular thought to it.  Here are some examples of when to specifically get the trees on your property checked out.

  • Homeowners should have their trees periodically checked.  This will alert you to any safety issues, but will give you assurance that your tree is in good health.
  • If you’re looking to buy a home, get the trees on the property inspected before closing the deal.  A sick tree or an unexpected tree disaster can be very costly and you don’t want to be blindsided after buying a home.
  • Builders and contractors often need a tree inspection to qualify for a building permit if their plans impact trees

When should you get an inspection?

Aim for a tree inspection every three years.  However, it would be wise to have your trees inspected after a severe storm, especially if you see dangling branches.

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