Chatham Tree Service

Custom Tree Service has been offering advanced tree services to Chatham home and business owners for more than 60 years. We provide premium tree services, including removal, pruning, and general maintenance for commercial, residential, and municipal locations throughout Chatham-Kent.

Our fully equipped and experienced arborists are knowledgeable and able to handle even the most difficult jobs, such as tree growing near homes or power lines, or in other sensitive areas. Our years of training and experience has provided us with the critical skills required to provide the Chatham area with well rounded tree services.

Why tree removal is important

While we offer tree services that focus on healthy tree life, we are also experts in completing tree removals in Chatham. Dead or decomposing trees can become a hazard or liability to your Chatham building, threatening to fall. Also, dying or diseased trees can bring in a host of critters that can cause problems on your Chatham property. There are instances when trees lift or distort your Chatham fence, or move pavement, or your trees can be getting in the way or new construction or be in competition with other plants.

Choosing Custom Tree Service

Serving the Chatham area, Custom Tree Service hires only professionals, ensuring that all commercial health and safety standards are met and exceeded. Our Chatham clients enjoy added peace of mind, as we are licensed and insured at commercial levels.

Our goal is to provide the most effective tree services in the Chatham area, providing tree services that minimize the impact on your premises and daily activities, with thorough clean ups completed after each job.

Phone our staff and ask about our convenient Chatham-Kent Tree Services today 519.359.9876.