Chatham-Kent Tree Removal Services

For over 60 years Custom Tree Service has been providing Chatham-Kent with excellence in tree removal services, tree pruning, and tree maintenance for commercial, municipal and residential properties. Our experienced staff are equipped to manage even the most difficult jobs like trees growing in cramped spaces near homes, or near power lines, or in other sensitive areas. We have the extensive training and experience that is critical to getting the job done, while guarding against injury or property damage.

Why Tree Removal is required

There are many circumstances that require tree removal service. A dead or decomposing tree is more likely to fall and may become a hazard or liability – not good! Dying or diseased trees are attractive to pests and no one wants that. Trees can also distort your fence or lift your pavement. It may also be necessary to remove trees to prepare for new construction, or repair storm damage or eliminate competition with other plants.

Why Choose Custom Tree Service?

At Custom Tree Service we are professionals who take tree removal seriously. We make sure to meet or exceed all commercial health and safety standards. We give our residential clients added security by being licensed and insured at commercial levels. Ready to tackle any possibility, we have invested in a wide range of tree removal equipment.

We strive to provide the most effective tree removal services possible by minimizing impact to your Chatham-Kent surroundings and daily activities, and maximizing impact to your unwanted trees. For our customers that means no damage, and thorough clean up.

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